12 September 2014

Skateboard company (California Free Former)

California Free Former was the world's largest skateboard manufacturer during the 1970s. From 1970 to 1981, it was owned by Steve Silberman with a business partner. They also held several licenses from Walt Disney, manufacturing roller skates and other Disney brand consumer products.


World Skateboard Championships

       California Free Former also used to sponsor skateboarding competitions, including the California Free Former World Skateboard Championships held at the Long Beach Sports Arena. (Original and reenacted footage from the Free Former World Skateboard Championships was prominently featured in the feature film "Lords of Dogtown.")

The California Free Former World Professional Skateboard Championships were held at the Long Beach Arena in California. In The first competition in the summer of 1976 was the largest skateboard competition ever held up until that time. It's significant cash prizes changed skateboarding history and created a professional tier in the sport.

1976 Results

       Men’s Freestyle: 1-Chris Chaput, 2-Ed Nadalin, 3-Mike Weed, 4-Gary Kocot, 5-Russ Howell Men’s Slalom: 1-Henry Hester, 2-Bob Piercy, 3-Mike Williams Women’s Freestyle: 1-Ellen Berryman, 2-Laura Thornhill, 3-Ellen O’Neal Women’s Slalom: 1-Desiree Von Essen, 2-T. Brown, 3-Robin Logan Consecutive 360s: 1-Bob Jarvis, 2-Chris Chaput, 3-Gary Kocot, 4- Steve Shipp, 5-Ed Nadalin

Sept 24-25, 1977 Results

       Men’s Freestyle: 1-Bob Mohr, 2-Mike Weed, 3-Ty Page, 4-Ed Nadalin Men’s Slalom: 1-John Hutson, 6.515 seconds 2-Bobby Piercy, 6.526 sec. 3-Randy Smith, 6.605 sec. 4-Greg Taie, 6.612 sec. Women’s Freestyle: 1-Ellen Berryman, 2-Ellen O’Neal, 3-Laura Thornhill Women’s Slalom: 1-Terry Brown, 2-Kim Cespedes, 3-Desiree Von Essen Consecutive 360s: 1-Russ Howell, 2-Paul Hoffman, 3-Ed Nadalin, 4-Steve Shipp High Jump: 1- Bryan Beardsley, 2-Jerry Pattison, 3-Brent McCullogh Barrel Jump: 1-Tony Alva (17 barrels), 2-Paul Hoffman, 3-Ed Nadalin, 4-Steve Shipp. The poster for the 1977 event was done by artist / designer Jim Evans

California Skateparks
       California Skateparks (or CA skateparks) is the largest and most notable skate park and action sports facility builder and designer in the world. Founded in 1989, and based in Upland, California, CA Skateparks has constructed more municipal city and county parks, action sports competition arenas, and professional athlete's private facilities than any other company of its kind. CA Skateparks is part of a larger group of companies, including California Landscape & Design Inc. and CA Ramp Works all owned by founder Joe Ciaglia Jr. California Skateparks designed and built Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, which has appeared in the MTV show, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. The company also designed the Vans skatepark in Huntington Beach, California.

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